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Wrangler of mini cows, Mr. Bryce King

Howdy Partner, we don't raise perfect mini cows, but we may have the miniature cow that's perfect for you. On these pages you will view Falster's efforts at making a market for buyers and sellers of Miniature Cattle Breeding Stock and Artificial Insemination products and production.


Our experience being:  

Raising cows is easier than selling cows at a profit: In our mini cow ranching business we usually sell by a process known as "Private Treaty." This is one on one, rancher direct to the customer exchange. 


For marketing, we offer our customers 12 months of free web access here, and other breeders for a commission. Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



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CURRENT as of July 10, 2010 ON-FARM OFFERINGS:  (double click thumbnail to make full screen)

Pure Blood Registered Mini Heifers:



KNF TRINITY MOTHER FRANCIS, Calved 7/2/08 a 2 Red Eyed Miniature Registered Hereford Heifer. She is a virgin going into winter pasture 10-14-09:  38" 405lbs, got horn weights affixed. She is a real gem of a heifer, she comes and follows you around, very docile and inquisitive. Very rare Two Red Eyes - $3,500.     (double click photo to make full screen)




Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



SOLD May 2010
But We Have Others - Call Us


KNF REBA SUE, Calved 3/6/08, Polled (hornless) daughter of KNF CINDY SUE x KNF GENERAL STAN WATIE  She is a Miniature Registered Hereford Heifer with the American Hereford Association #P42899914. She has been Pasture Exposed (Bred) to KNF DON CARLOS.  Going into Winter Pasture '09 this young mini cow stands 38" tall & weighs 508lbs.  This is a polled heifer out of our top line of females, the 1863 line. Nice flat top and chunky lowline raised on grass only. She is a Top Quality Polled Hereford Bred Heifer - $5,000.





Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.




This Registered Mini Hereford heifer calf is gorgeous, very famine, like all her line. She represents the 5th generation of the MOO LINE Mini Herefords. Her Dam has


SOLD June 2010
But We Have Others - Call Us

 given us 3 heifer calves that have each sold for $4,000 per head.  You know, I can't think of a better hard asset investment than that. If you are interested in her, you can make a deposit of 1/3 down and we will keep her on Falster Farm until she is weaned, then we will deliver or you can pick her up in Winnsboro.: $3,500.




Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



KNF SIDNEY VICTORIA, Calved 7/28/09. Daughter of KNF J'Nean Victoria x KNF Bryce Calvin.

This Mini Registered Hereford heifer calf is gorgeous, has one Red Eye, very famine, like all her line. She represents the 5th generation of the MOO Line. She is the cousin of the calf above. Her Dam (sister of Gardinia) has given us 3 heifer calves that have each sold for $4,000 per head.  If you are interested in her, you can make a deposit of 1/3 down ($1,200) and we will keep her on Falster Farm until she is weaned, then we will deliver or you can pick her up in Winnsboro.




Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


KNF MISS GEN GEN 36K - We call these two Mini Cows the Frosty Sisters because they both had a covering of frosting colored hair tips up until the weather turned off warm, very cute. Both mini cows were bottle feed as babies and as a result they are very easy going and special to Nancy and I. They were stalled together as babies, weaned together for the bottle, and have always been pastured together as heifers. We purpose to sell them only as a pair as it is our experience that they will flourish best that way:  $3,500





KNF BLESSING 9LU - Both GEN GEN and BLESSING are registered Miniature Herefords. These mini cows are 30" tall at the hip and weight around 200# at the Spring round-up in 2010: $3,500








Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


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Mini Bulls:


RD ARGYLE BARNEY Calved 6/15/02, a proven herd sire that is currently in our Rental Breeding Program on a herd of Angus cows owned by the Ramsey family. He is docile and hard working. Barney has excellent conformation small size, flat wide top line , lowline deep bodied Mini bull giving very low birth weights.  Real good buy at $3,000. F.O.B. Winnsboro, TX. Shipping can be arranged.



Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



KNF BRYCE CALVIN  Calved 4/7/07, only 39" tall weighing 600lbs. This young red mini Hereford herd sire is in our Rental Breeding Program and has been covering Polled Heifers in Mississippi and then to Wimberley, Texas over the Summer of 2009. He has been a perfect backyard guest for those small mini cattle herds. Then again he proved himself a winner as our "clean-up" bull over the winter of 2009 when the Lead Herd Sires went into semen collection for a New Zealand customer. We think this young herd sire would be ideal for any Miniature Cow operation. Will be sold as a guaranteed breeder. $5,500.


Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


KNF FULL-O-BULL  Calved 3/31/08, 39" tall, 475lbs, FULL-O-BULL on the smaller size. He has exhibited great strength in playing with his fellows, and calf bulling around. He was ranked #2 two in the 2008 class and as such didn't receive breeding rights ahead of his half brother KNF DON CARLOS. However, he exhibits all the necessary characteristics. 


SOLD June 2010
But We Have Others - Call Us

Buy this Miniature Herd Sire at $5,000.


SOLD July 2010
But We Have Others - Call Us



Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



Here is the #1 Mini Bull Calf born in 2008 on Falster Farm!



KNF DON CARLOS  Calved 3/6/08, True Pure Blood mini Hereford  son of KNF CIBOLO X KNF TEXAS LILLY. This is the first bull calf born to any of our Lilly line cows. Like them he has exceptionally broad front and rear quarters. And like his sire he has the depth of back and gentle nature. In his first breeding season he covered nine virgin heifers and one cow. It was a pleasure to see him work the heifers and cow, gaining sure dominance over them and getting the job done. At the Spring round-up 2010 he measured 40" tall and weighed 660lbs. He is all grass-fed, chunky, low lined registered miniature Hereford and determined to excel.  If you are looking for real Red Power in a small package he will satisfy your most demanding requirements.  He is for sale at $5,500.

Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.



KNF SENOIR SEGUINE, Calved 3/25/09 the full brother of KNF DON CARLOS, and just as virile and attractive. 15 OCT 2009 Fall Round up - he is looking very good, very virile, Tentacles are well formed and balanced, nice curly hair, very beefy, well behaved. 32.5" tall, 364lbs at 7 months of age.  This youngster is a real winner. Excellent conformation, low to the ground!

  He is for sale at $5,000.                            

                                                    (Double Click any image to up-size it.)



Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


KNF SIR TRISTAN (Polled) P43026559   This is our 1st Mini Bull calf that is polled instead of horned: Calved 4/18/2009. This young miniature herd sire prospect is the son of KNF GENERAL STAN WAITE x KNF LILLIE FAYE. At our Spring Round up 2010 he was 14 months old, standing 31" tall and weighing 440#'s. And what a beauty he is. His tentacles are perfectly matched and Tristan exhibits excellent drive. He is friendly and easy to be around.


If you are looking to add the POLLED GENE to your mini cattle herd, you should give this young bull a close looking over.


He is for Sale as a mini herd sire prospect for $5,500.







Call Nancy for Details (903) 629-3034.


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Mini Pet Steers:


KNF BITSY MAN Calved 3/10/08


We have here a very nice and docile pet prospect for someone that wants to enjoy a small steer on their farm or small acreage. He will be ideal to pull a cart or just to have around the place. For Sale for $1,800.00




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Mini Un-Registered Heifers:


MISS JESSY LOU LOU, calved 6/16/2008, a dehorned half-blood Registered Jersey mama crossed with KNF CIBOLO. She 39.5" tall and weighs 400lbs. Her breeding was made to give us a top flight recipient cow of our Registered embryo program. She has been pastured exposed to KNF DON CARLOS. She is for sale for at $2,000. She is available for a buy back/rental program to approved buyers - call for details.




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Managed Investment Program:

Falster Farm has a good business with traditional buy/sell customers but also offers an attractive alternative to direct receipt of the Miniature Cattle that we raise. The Falster Farm Miniature Cow/Calf  Managed Investment Program has proven ideal for the buyer that wishes to own as a current investor in chattel property but for what ever reason wants the property left in situ on Falster Farm for a length of time greater than six months.  Our arrangement can allow the development of a breeding program for your Foundation Herd in front of a retirement plan, gift to a loved one, property acquisition, or preparation of Real Estate. The Managed Investment Program can reduce high risk and can yield higher returns for the investor  . . . more.


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What's Here?  When Added 

To be listed in the Sale Barn, a breeder agrees to comply with the terms of sales established by the American Hereford Association. One may also list non-registered stock being sold for commercial herd purposes however, the same rules apply.

If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact Falster Farm.

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